Back when I lived on the north shore of Hawaii, I needed something to support my beach bum life style. Inspired by sandy toes, salty hair, and sun kissed faces; I started designing wrap watches. After about a year of making them, I wanted to take my designs to the next level and start a watch company. That is when Feral Watches was born.

Each Feral watch is designed carefully with you in mind to reflect personal style. We have been receiving great feedback from customers with our current styles so we decided to bring this idea to Kickstarter. Kickstarter is a website for creative ideas where people can back projects in exchange for a tangible reward if the project is funded--if not, then your pending payment disappears.

We are very excited to get our latest watch designs on your wrists, but we need your help! The watches used in this video are just prototypes of what can soon become a reality. Your pledge means a lot to us in helping us get these new styles produced. We want to see Feral watches on chicks everywhere!

Click here for an exclusive opportunity to get your hands on our newest designs before anyone else at a special early bird price! We have Kylie to thank for making this awesome video during her visit with me in Idaho, and thank you all for your love and support in spreading this message.

2 travel notes:

  1. AWESOME love love love everything about feral and my sister's beautiful talents! im spreading the word here in hawaii sis :)!

  2. love this! you are amazing megan! love your purpose statement and about! super great!


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