Pepper spray c/o Tiger Light | Lumberjack hat c/o Treeline Outdoors | Tie-dye hat c/o Mowgli Surf | Backpack c/o Cotopaxi

We woke up with the sun and were anxious to explore our campsite overlooking seaside cliffs and hiking trails. We trotted around in our sweat pants and yesterday's make-up with just a few must-have items on hand. These items of course included awesome hats to hide our bed head, a backpack full of stuff, and some pepper spray just in case three girls who look like they're 15 might appeal to a stranger in some sort of undesirable way. 

We were pleased to each receive our own customized Tiger Light mini with our name on it. The Tiger Light mini also doubles as a flash light to blind attackers on top of spraying them with pepper spray! They are easy to use, fit perfectly in your purse or pocket, and the comfort they bring is worth any reservations you might have about traveling alone.

What safety items do you carry when you travel?


Graphic tees c/o Mile High Clothing

Every year we like to celebrate our birthday together if we can. As we've grown up and moved to different places, sometimes that means only two of us get to be together. But the best times are the years we can all three swing a trip to be together. This year was one of those years!

We celebrated our 26th birthday exploring beaches, including one of our favorites because of its iconic landmark--Morro Bay. Morro Bay is the perfect getaway for outdoor adventurers seeking kayaking, biking, fishing, surfing, beach combing, and just relaxing. After playing on the beach we splurged at a harbor view restaurant for some steak and salad, and of course--birthday cake!

Even after all these years we prefer our own candles, and dessert if we're lucky. Our Big Sur birthday trip was definitely one for the books! Wonder what is in store for next year?


Hat and sleeping bag c/o Treeline Outdoors

It was the second night of our road trip and we didn't have a camp site reserved. We figured we'd just wing it. Well, turns out camping on the side of the road in Big Sur is free and after talking to a few people we figured this was the best plan. We drove along the windy road up the mountain until we found a suitable spot. The clouds hung low and the ocean views were stellar. Every corner we turned the view seemed to get better.

We ended up finding a turn out where several other procrastinators like us had pitched camp. Nestled inbetween a group of Australian boys (those accents, tho) and a friendly lone Harley driver we set up our tent. No fires were allowed so once the sun set our options of things to do grew limited. Soon we were ready to crawl into our cozy sleeping bag by Treeline Outdoors---yes, we all three slept in it! What a gem! We attempted to read a book before drifting off to sleep, but we didn't make it past a few pages.

The next day we woke up and drove up the coast to our next adventure, and of course we stopped to smell the wild flowers!


 Blue and grey t-shirts c/o: Cotopaxi  |  Yellow t-shirt c/o: Mile High Clothing

Driving up and down a windy road on the hunt for a perfect camping spot was the only thing on the docket. We were amazed with the beauty Big Sur had to offer, transitioning from ocean to trees to clouds. Being above it all was incredibly serene, almost like we were the only ones on the planet. The clouds blanketed the forest and dissipated as the noon sun came out. We made sure to make lots of fun stops along the way, soaking up every ounce of adventure goodness we could. By the end of the day we had pitched our tent roadside for some camping that ended with no fire, just nice neighbors, an early bed time and a killer view to wake up to. Camping heaven right there.



Bottle Cozy c/o Freaker USA | Bottle Cooler c/o Mile High Co. | Knives c/o Proof 

If you've been a long time follower or reader of Traveling Triplets, you might notice that we're kinda big on traditions. Similar to last week's Tasty Tuesday, this meal is what we grew up calling "healthy snacks." It was one of those Saturday nights stay in and watch a movie followed by a heaping bowl of ice-cream kind of meals. We also took it to the trails, stuffed it in our winter parkas on ski trips, and craved it on family gatherings and for your run of the mill Friday night occasions. It has stuck with us, and when we demand a "healthy snacks" dinner to our husbands, they roll their eyes wondering why it's even considered a meal. But, like I said, in our books - it totally counts! 

What you need: 

1. Your favorite crackers. We prefer Chicken in a Biskit every time. 
2. Summer sausage salami. Sliced to perfection.
3. Freshly sliced apples (green and red)
4. Pepperjack, swiss, and cheddar cheeses (the more the merrier)
5. Grapes (on the side)
6. Garnish with honey mustard or for an extra kick, horseradish (our personal fav)

So, what do you think? Have you tried this before? Tell us if you think it's a meal or not! :)


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