Stanley Brand line-up found HERE (flask, vacuum mug, and vacuum pint)

If you're still deciding on the perfect gift for your lover this year, just remember - #Stanleyness is man-lyness. BUT, it doesn't stop there! It's also woman-lyness! We don't just consider this a gift for him. Stanley is the gift that keeps giving - built for a lifetime. Stanley Brand has been around since 1913 and mastered the art of keeping our liquids hot and/or cold, and also on the go. I've always admired how their products are timeless, and have used them my entire life as a go-to staple for not just outdoors adventures but the everyday commutes. From driving in the car to work in the morning, pedaling on a bicycle or hiking to a mountain top for a picnic lunch - Stanley is there. My mom used it. My grandma even used it. It's just a part of the family adventure line.

I love that when we use these products they tell a story - our family has used them for generations. You'll see them in grandpa's tackle box when you go fishing or in the details of dusty film photos from the 50s in old shoe boxes of your great grandma's closet. Today we fill our mugs with hot cocoa or soup, and because we don't drink alcohol our flasks with energy drinks for an extra zing on those long roadtrips (yeah, awesome idea!). We know this is the kind of gift any adventurer would love and appreciate, and should definitely have on their gear list. Shop now for 30% off plus free shipping with coupon code FROSTY and get this checked off your Christmas list for next year's adventure-having you know you're going to have! 

*This post sponsored by Stanley Brand. But we don't need sponsorship to love these products. They've been killin' it in our books since we were born and long before, and we're proud to stand by them to represent their #Stanleyness and their total awesomeness.


Destination: Eastern Idaho and Yellowstone / Activity: Fishing / Rods: Tenkara Rod Co

In September we traveled with Tenkara Rod Co to Driggs, Idaho and West Yellowstone for some fall fishing and film projects. We hiked into Bitch Creek and caught a few beautiful native cutthroat, a place known for being bear country. Unfortunately we have no still shots of the fish since we were focusing on getting video footage.

After a few days fishing in Driggs we headed to West Yellowstone. We watched Old Faithful blow, got skunked in the park, and stood face to face with a mama elk and baby elk. It was amazing watching the elk roam among the buffalo and we really felt like guests in their territory. We spent a couple nights staying in a cabin for $100 a night that slept four plus baby Van and my dog Jimmy. Not a bad deal!

By the end of the trip we were dirty and exhausted, but we had such a great time. If you ever get the chance to visit this neck of the woods you definitely should. Gorgeous area, tons of outdoor activities, and a slow pace lifestyle. Don't forget to pick up a Tenkara package here for an early Christmas present to get started on fishing!


Top: Albion / Bottoms: similar

I've always been fascinated with yoga. I imagine myself someday being super flexible and strong, being able to do things I never thought I could. I hope one day I get there, but until then I can be excited about one thing.

Yoga clothes. So. Comfy.

I have been going to some local hot yoga classes and am hoping one of these days I'll be able to look like I actually know what I'm doing. Now that fall is nearing an end and winter is coming, it's the perfect time to sign up for a hot yoga class and work out in a 104 degree room, don't ya think?


 Shirt: Treeline Outdoors / Watch: Feral / Backpack: Topo Designs / Fishing rod: Tenkara Rod Co

It was the weekend and we drove to Tripod Meadows for some tenkara fishing and only caught fish about the size of my index finger--nothing note worthy, but it was fun! After exploring a few different spots we headed to a hot springs we've never been before in the Lowman area. 

Pine Flats hot springs is located by the South Fork of the Payette River just a short hike from a National Forest campground head. The pool sizes vary, and we found the perfect size for the three of us! The pools are open year round and with stellar river views you can't beat it. 

Fishing, hiking, and hot springs make for a great weekend. Where are you headed?


So, I realize this post is long overdue but I thought it was too fun of a trip to not share. Summer photos in fall, sure why not? After all, we basically live the endless summer here in Southern California, am I right!?

In July Chase and I made a little trip up California to a place called Lake Nacimiento. Our original plan was to attend a family reunion in Mammoth Pools but since the forest was on fire with this terrible drought it was moved here. We all wondered how it would be as it was not tradition, but it ended up being perfect.

The lake was super warm and not crowded at all AND it had water, miracle! And for July that is unheard of. We spent a week as lake rats, wakeboarding, water skiing, jet skiing, canoeing and sleeping in the sun. Their is a campgrounds nearby that had running showers with hot water and toilets which was a nice perk since it was a super dry area.  It is a great place for large gathering campouts and small crowds on the lake. Our family felt like we had the campgrounds to ourselves, it was a nice treat. Add it to your to do list for next summer, it makes for a great weekend getaway.


Cosmo Twins via Beloved 
Creepy Skeletor via Beloved
Gothic Skeletons (plus adorable nephew)
ET crew

Spooky season has come to a close and we hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween. Kylie and I started ours off with a bang by going to Knotts Scary Farm to shoot zombies and walk through endless and demented haunted houses. Megan threw a holiday decorating cupcake party with family earlier in the month and on Halloween hosted another fun party with friends. The theme was "Classic Movies," so her little family went as ET, Elliot and Gertie. We all handed out candy to cute trick or treaters and made sure to enjoy some ourselves. What were you for Halloween this year? 


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