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Over New Years Kylie and I got together to enjoy our long holiday weekend. Mt. Baldy was the destination and it's funny how sometimes plans don't really go as "planned." We arrived at Mt. Baldy with intentions of riding the chair lift to the tippy top and doing a little exploring, followed by warming up in the lodge with some yummy food. But the bummer is, the moment we showed up after the bad New Years traffic the chair lift had closed (hah). I guess it was too crowded at the top and they weren't able to let anyone else ride the lift. It also only moves about 2 mph (haha) so it takes a long time for them to get people up and down. We were kinda bummed, but there wasn't a lot of snow anyway so we decided to do a little hike instead.

Close by we found a trail to a beautiful waterfall. It was super short and easy so you don't have to be too prepared for a legit hike, it's more of a stroll. Once we turned the final corner and saw the icy waterfall we knew we had made it. There was a little sledding hill nearby which looked super sketchy in my mind since there was a small stream trickling below it, but people were sledding none the less. Not what I would recommend, sledding on icy snow but hey people do what they want I suppose. On our way back, we caught the sun going to sleep in the mountains and it was absolutely gorgeous. Blows my mind how this place is only a short hour from LA. I love that about California, there is so much to explore and we really do have the best of both worlds here, ocean and mountains. So get out and explore!



 Location: Bear Valley, Idaho / Hammock: c/o Kammock

They say the Kammock is the world's best camping hammock. It's lightweight, easy to set up, comfortable, and secure. Most importantly it's roomy enough for two!

Happy Monday!



 Lisa & I, first time cross-country skiiers

 Sisters always got your back

 Lisa gets really embarrassed taking pics like this, but I think it's awesome

 Every month we make sure to get together and do something fun

Colorblock thermal tops c/o WithoutWalls | Beanies c/o Proof 

Have you been following the WithoutWalls January challenge? Without Walls is giving 31 challenges for 31 days, encouraging us to stay inspired and get fit, healthy, and out! 2015 is the year to make things happen, and to get moving and have fun while doing it. The three of us have been alpine skiers our entire life, but we had never tried cross-country so we made sure to kick off the new year on new year's day by giving it a go. I have to say it's not at all what I expected and it was super hard to not want to carve and cruise down hills and just accept that you slide around on flat ground. We laughed till our bellies hurt flying down slopes and not being able to steer. 

Have you tried something new this year? Tell us about it! 



We're over HERE today!

Talking about everything from what we do, how we're the same and different, childhood memories and travel to what we admire about each other and what we fight about the most. Check it out at the Say Yes Blog! 



If you haven't been to the Grand Tetons in Wyoming, you gotta put it on your bucketlist and get your buns over there. Right now it's coated in a blanket of fresh powder, and in the fall months it's the perfect fusion of mountain chill and leftover summer sunny warmth. The Tetons hold a special place for us - it's where we skiied our hearts out in college and made some pretty rad memories with our friends. With over 200 miles of trails and the Snake River running through this remarkable terrain, you can explore these ranges for years before you see it all. Check out Grand Teton National Park for some details on what to do and where to go and get your mountain adventure started!



Top c/o Without Walls

We were on our way to our home mountain, Bogus Basin, for some night skiing when we just had to stop and soak in the view. TAKE. A. LOOK. It is unreal! The clouds were low and we were afraid skiing conditions were going to be terrible, but suddenly as we passed a certain peak the fog cleared and we were above a beautiful blanket of clouds! It was like dying and going to heaven, minus the dying part.

It was my first time taking my baby boy Van skiing. Well, he's not so much a baby anymore. At 23 months old he skied like a champ for at least two hours before it was time to take a break. I enjoyed every step of the way. Layering him up, buckling his boots, and attaching his edgie wedgie to the tips of his skis. He skied back and forth to mom and dad and we were dying of cuteness. He makes me such a proud mom! 

Did we mention that I am pregnant with my second? Yep! Baby #2 is coming this spring! And I'm having a GIRL!!!!! She is due May 7th and I couldn't be more excited to give Van a little sister and a little girl to pal with when the boys do boy stuff. So here I am in my 23 weeks baby bump glory, and somehow the shirt still fit! Fantastic.
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