Late summer happens to be one of the best times for visiting the London with some of the warmest temperatures of the year, but residents can also attest to the fact that it can also be the wettest month with the British weather being extremely unpredictable. Temperatures can soar up to the early 30s (86 degrees and above in Fahrenheit) and at night they can dip down to a mild 18 degrees Celsius (64.4 degrees Fahrenheit), so to make sure that you’re dressed appropriately for the season, we’ve compiled a few necessities for your summer trip to counter any weather issues along the way.

1. An umbrella 

Bring an umbrella that’s small enough to fit in your tote so that you don’t have to lug around something extra or accidentally misplace it. Make sure it’s a sturdy one too. 

2. Waterproof or water-resistant shoes 

Wellingto boots are a pain to pack; you’ll save yourself hassle by taking water resistant boots and flats with you. If you don’t have any, you can easily buy sprays at retailers and follow this video tutorial on waterproofing your shoes.

3. A selection of cardigans and scarves

Some days are going to be toasty while others are going to be dreary. The outer layers are going to keep you warm on those chilly days and cool nights. Plus, they’ll add a little extra something to your outfit. A light leather jacket would be an excellent item to pack for your trip and should definitely be considered. As a general tip for packing, you’re better off leaving most of your summery items at home, but it doesn’t hurt to take a sundress, a few pairs of shorts and skirts along with you.

When flying into London, Heathrow and Gatwick are the two busiest airports in the area, so it’s likely that you’ll be arriving at Heathrow if you’re flying with a full service carrier or at Gatwick if you’re on a budget airline. The wealth of services offered at London Gatwick, from parking and operating carriers, have made it the preferred choice of airport to pass through, and to ensure that you’ve followed the proper security measures for you luggage, visit the main website for extra packing guidelines.



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Well you guys, I think it's about time we triplets hit up Indonesia. Nothing better than ending the summer with some serious paradise! My husand Chase and I are off to Bali TONIGHT!!! So so so stoked and can't wait to share our adventures with all of you. 

Just a quick tid bit about our trip. We found an amazing deal on flights back in February through this website HERE. And as far as lodging, we are doing all AIRBNB. Stay tuned of our adventures through instagram, @travelingtriplets and @lisarondo. 




Destination: 101 Coffee Shop / Location: Hollywood, CA / Price: $$

Conveniently located right off the 101 in Los Angeles, the 101 Coffee Shop is a major destination for the late night diner enthusiasts. Channel your 70s vibes by stopping by here for a late night pick-me-up and some good ole classic diner grinds. Not only is the 101 Coffee Shop a favorite meeting place for friends after midnight (open till 3 am), but it also happens to be a hot spot for celeb sightings! That sounds super creepy but it's true. Apparently Ryan Gosling frequents the place, but of all my visits I have yet to run into him...sigh!

Make sure when you go you get the brownie waffle sundae. It's one of the hottest items on their menu. And don't feel judged when you eat the whole thing yourself. I do it all the time. It's amazing what a girl can do! 



If you're wandering the woods of California, you know there are bears everywhere. Especially in Kings and Sequoia National Park. There is absolutely nothing surprising about seeing little(big?) fuzzy brown critters romping through your campground and showing up on rocks next door to your fishing hole.

I'm one of those people that errs on the side of safety. I come equipped with bear spray and even a bear whistle on all my adventures. People make fun of my whistle but I like it and it's fun! Plus, it comes with a compass which is pretty awesome too.

Bear safety is a real thing! If you encounter a bear in the wild you want to do the following:

1. Avoid close encounters: if you see a bear, blow your whistle and make some noise! If a bear is within 45 feet of you and approaching, use your bear spray to deter them from your path. The ideal is to just turn the other way to not have to do any of this, but should you need to use these safety measures you probably ought to take a detour.
2. Keep your distance: do NOT turn your back or run! They will see this as a threat and are more likely to attack. It really is a bad idea to run from a bear, you guys. Try to back away slowly and remain calm. It sounds impossible. I'll let you know how it goes if/when it happens to me!
3. Stand tall, even if the bear charges you: hold your ground and try to appear as large as possible and avoid direct eye contact as that is interpreted by bears as a challenge!
4. Do NOT feed the bears: human food is like crack/drugs to bears. The second they taste high calorie packed human food, they will no longer want to hunt the natural things they usually eat that are low in calories like berries and pinecones (imagine how many berries a bear has to eat to feel full!) It also makes them more aggressive so be sure to keep your food in the bear boxes provided at most areas where bears are very common. You can also get a citation for leaving food out where bears can get them, so "be bear aware!"
5. If attacked, FIGHT BACK: this is one of those things you just better hope your whistle does the job for you!

Bears can be beary scary but they are beautiful creatures that have been around a long time and really are the boss of the outdoors! You don't wanna mess with them, but you also want to respect them and let the bears be. We hope that these quick tips on bear safety can resonate in the back of your mind somewhere to recall at the chance you encounter a bear in the wild and feel threatened. Knowledge is good. In the meantime, "be bear aware!"



Little did I know this would be one of the last photos with my baby bump. I was 30 weeks pregnant and totally not ready to have my baby. A few days after this trip to Sun Valley I delivered baby #2!

There is so much to update you on and I'm sorry for my blog hiatus, but it was for good reason and I wouldn't take it back for anything. As you may know,  my baby girl came two months early and life has been a whirlwind ever since! I finally feel like I am starting to get the hang of things. After pre-term labor, natural delivery, lots of prayers, severe allergic reaction, 58 days in the NICU, and a season passed--my baby girl is home. Liv Cosette is home!

We are so excited to introduce Liv to this beautiful world! There is so much to see and so much to do and Liv is a true miracle and blessing in our lives. God is good.




beef jerky
dehydrated fruit 
veggie crisps
granola bars
shampoo/conditioner/body wash
baby wipes
hand sanitizer
first aid kit
bug spray

Thursday Kylie and I are going to embark on an epic trip we have been looking forward to for a month or so now. We will be meeting up in Arizona with twenty something rad women who are outdoor enthusiasts just like us to hike Havasupai! If you don't know already, its a rad oasis with series of crystal blue waterfalls tucked away in the Grand Canyon. With this trip, we alongside all the other women attending hope to inspire each of you to make the decision now and just take a long weekend and get out and explore. With proper planning we were all able to adjust our work schedules to make it happen and it will be so worth the effort. Don't ever say you can't until you have tried!

Preparing for a venture like this is quite the task. If you are already into backpacking you may have all of this on hand which is awesome. For me, I had to do some shopping to prep for this weekend getaway and wanted to find the best deals. So here I am, sharing what I have found with you that were both affordable and essential for this trip.

The three main things you will need to hike Havasupai are essentials for sleeping, eating, and hygiene (alongside the usual clothing). When you're backpacking you want your pack to be as light as possible. I found some amazing deals on REI outlet online as well as High Sierra. Always check there first before dropping the big bucks at the actual stores. It helped Kylie and I to create a packing list via Pinterest with links to good product as well.

More details will come about how to hike Havasupai when we return, but for now enjoy our essentials packing list and start your prepping now. And don't forget to bring some cash, your go pro, sunscreen, hiking sandals, a hat and proper clothing especially a swimsuit! Hope to see you follow along our adventures via instagram: @travelingtriplets!
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