We dance for fun and we don't care how lame our moves are!
Shot this over our birthday trip to Big Sur in May.
Good time with the sissies.


Recently I had the pleasure to return to my home away from home, Oahu. It was SO NICE to be back I never wanted to leave. Hawaii is my absolute happy place where I can do everything that I love. I spent my days on the North Shore diving for shells, surfing, hanging out with friends, eating my favorite foods and watching the sunset. There is no better place to relax and unwind than the beach, and I'm so happy I got to spend a week back on my old stomping grounds.

Since each one of us have lived on Oahu at some point over the years, we often get asked a lot of questions regarding trips to the island. We are happy to help in any way that we can and love to spread the good word. We have found the best luck flying with Allegiant and Alaska/Horizon with deals as low as $300 round trip. Hawaiian Air has great prices from time to time as well, depending on where you choose to fly out from. And don't forget to fly with Mokulele Airlines for a short jumper flight to island hop, even if just for the day. So worth the adventure.

For details on rentals, activities, beaches, places to eat, snorkeling spots and hikes in Hawaii click HERE. Happy planning and ALOHA!


So you know when you're dating someone new and you get all giddy over your first pic taken together? 
Well we thought it would be fun to dig through our pasts (thank you FaceBook) and find each of our first pics with our hubbies and share a little diddy about "the moment".

Spencer and Kylie

She was 18. He was 23. 
Clearly, they got bored and decided to go gangsta for the night. 
Obviously, finger tats had to happen. 
This silly activity most likely followed after a good game of guitar hero at the "Tree House." 
Either that or a concert starring Spencer's band, the Party Pandas.
But for reals, "let me see yo grilllll!"
(Don't mind our awesome first college apartment decor)

Drew and Megan

First of all, Drew's necklace is super awesome ;).
 Drew and Meg were known to be snuggly and cute, everyone loved(s) them.
Meg just downed a delicious hot cocoa after a fun ski sesh on the slopes.
Best friends always make the best spouses.
Meg and Drew are two peas in a pod.

Chase and Lisa

We were at the Pipe Contest on Oahu watching the surf. 
A friend was visiting and snuck this shot unbeknownst to us. 
It was a nice "tag" surprise on FaceBook.
We were tan and all sorts of giddy for each other.
I will be forever obsessed with the level of his blondness in this photo. 

Tell us about your first photo with your special someone!?


This is what happens when you get triplet sisters together after a long dry spell.
And when one of them gets tired, great measures are taken to change that. 


Once renowned for tourist knick-knacks, Thailand is increasingly kicking up a storm in the fashion industry. With a number of big players drawing inspiration from these tropical waters it's fast becoming a paradise for fashionistas. Home to a buzzing night life in central Bangkok and picturesque islands, there are lots to dazzle with your style and pick up a bargain. Just make sure you pack for the occasion to take advantage of all it has to offer. 

Lots of people travel with First Choice to Thailand to see the whirlwind of markets, colors and textures that a fashionista’s suitcase should complement, bearing the weather in mind. The country boasts a tropical climate with things heating up from March to June which can lead to your hair's arch nemesis...humidity. Tackle it head on and embrace boho beach hair, accessorizing with oversized hats or working a printed hair scarf into your look a la Dolce & Gabbana's Spring runway. This allows you to stay chic while protecting your hair from the rays of the sun. Do leave room in your case though: if Thai people do one thing well it’s shopping. 
For upmarket and luxury brands check out Siam Paragon shopping mall and invest in some striking pieces. Similarly Asiatique — The Riverfront captures late night shopping at its best with everything from jewelry to handbags and leather goods made to order. Check out on trend accessories inspired by Chanel's current supermarket theme, or stop by Sister Margarita at Siam Square for icon and inspirational window displays incorporating everything from Mad Men characters to vintage goods. 

Layered clothing is important for a number of must-sees throughout the country, including temples and historic monuments. One in particular that you should see is the Buddhist temple Wat Pho in Bangkok, which features one of the largest collections of Buddha monuments and images. Remember the local etiquette while there, though, so remove your shoes before you enter, and bare as little flesh as possible to avoid seeming disrespectful. Think long, floaty Maxi dresses that cover your shoulders. Generally, Thai people are quite conservative so pack a sarong too. One place where the rule doesn’t apply is the beach, and Thailand has plenty to choose from.
For the ultimate beach getaway, escape to an island. One of the best and most famous in Thailand is Ko Phangan. Home to the full moon party, you can connect with your inner rave child and embrace neon body paint. In contrast, Ko Tao on the gulf coast offers a peaceful retreat where you can sunbathe in peace, drop by a local tiki bar and take in the scenery. Alternatively, head to Ko Samui and lose yourself in its perfect white-sand beaches. After all, there's a beach to match every outfit. 

Thailand — it’s not just a destination that’s in fashion, but also one that knows fashion. If you want to be part of the in-crowd, it’s the place to go!

Images by kafka4prez and victoriapeckham, used under Creative Commons license.



If your mouth isn't watering yet, I don't know what's wrong with you because homemade buttermilk pancakes are the BEST! Even moreso when you're camping. I planned ahead and premade my pancake batter. There's two ways you can do this: 1) Pack dry ingredients in a ziplock, and wet in the cooler, or 2) Just make it and pour it in a mason jar and keep it in cooler. I did both, because it made quite a few pancakes and the love just kept coming every morning we camped. So.freaking.good.

1 t. salt
2 t. baking powder
1 t. baking soda
2 cups flour
2 T. sugar
2 eggs
2 cups buttermilk (2 cup milk + 2 T apple cider vinegar)
2 T. butter, melted

1. Mix dry ingredients
2. Add wet to dry
3. Whisk, mix and POUR on the griddle

Camp grinds gone wild. 
You'll never wanna eat non-pancakes camping again.


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