Location: McCall, Idaho / Activity: swimming and relaxing / Food: Ice-cream Alley

We headed to McCall to stay at our friend's cabin for a much needed getaway. Nothing says girls weekend like late nights, painting nails, ice-cream, and laying out! A few of our favorite things to do in McCall, Idaho include:

1. The Pancake House- one of a kind dining in a rustic mountain lodge
2. Ice-Cream Alley- famous for its mountain sized scoops and huckleberry ice-cream
3. Payette Lake- excellent boating, sandy beaches, and spectacular scenery


While we're partial to the number three (being triplets, and all...) we know how the saying of nature goes, "Leaves of three, leave them be." Poison oak is everywhere in California, and it comes in clusters of three and during the summer months has a glossy finish with lobed edges (as seen in photograph above). They are often in bushels and it can be easy to rub into them when you're hiking and not really paying attention. 

I had to keep reminding Lisa to dodge them, and kept picturing her inflated in a bath of oatmeal covered in itchy rashes. I'm just glad nobody got it :) BUT, it's something to be aware of if you are like us and spend a lot of time outdoors. 


 Back pack c/o: Topo Designs

Nothing beats the sound of unzipping your tent door only to find a view so breathtaking you think you're living in a calendar. Lake Tahoe is one of the most beautiful and amazing places I have ever been to. The beauty that lake has is incredible, and waking up to it had me all sorts of giddy. The water is a deep blue or aqua in color, and so clean that it's sometimes hard to believe you're not frolicking in the Pacific. With my bag in tote I had all the goodies I needed to get me through some great hikes into secluded coves at Lake Tahoe. La la land right there people.


Sometimes in life things go terribly wrong. Like when you think it's a brilliant idea to sit in your car (without the engine on or running) to charge up your phone for a little extra juice. Or when you think it's even better to end up sitting far longer than expected, hour, to pass the juice around to each sister's phone... yeah, we can be a little dense sometimes, haha.

I just remember trying to start my car when we were ready to move on and done with our ghetto parking lot picnic lunch and having a total panic attack when it wouldn't start. My first thoughts, "We're three girls alone! We have no boys to help! Our phones are almost dead! Who will we call?! We don't have AAA anymore, BAHHHH!" ... for goodness sake, I didn't even have jumper cables in my car.

That's when Lisa in her almighty confidence and power put her foot down and said, "Dude, chill out." and started delegating. "Kylie, go to the road with your thumb up and wave people down to help. Megan, try to see if you can call dad (yep, still calling dad at 26 years old haha)." I was like, "Well what are you doing?!" And she said, "Not freaking out." Point taken. It could have been due to my lack of sleep from hard grounds or just the fact that I felt a burden of responsibility being my vehicle and all, that I may or may not have overreacted.

Luckily within about 20 minutes we waved down an army dude who was super nice and super helpful, had jumper cables and a Mustang with enough power to give us juice to get going again. This was a learning experience for us - to always have jumper cables in your car. Never charge a phone when the engine is not running. And don't be afraid to approach strangers in times of need.

So there you have it. Big girl doing big girl things even though I'd rather just curl up in a ball. The last pic is my joy after my little meltdown when I realized all was good in the world, again. After having a couple other people try to jump us and fail, we were grateful to the Mustang for being there when we needed them. Here's to kind strangers on the road! And the lovely abandoned Piedras Blancas Motel for sponsoring our afternoon, haha.


Plaid hat and shirt c/o: Treeline Outdoors

Making our way up the coastline in the comfort of our mini cooper, my husband and I were off to our next adventure in Lake Tahoe. Camping was on the docket, pitching our tent wherever our hearts desired. We tend to avoid making plans and enjoy camping off the beaten path. Evenings were spent hiking along coastal ridge lines to some of the most secluded and beautiful spots, making each morning a sweet surprise with a stellar view. The air smelled of pine and the water was crisp and clear. Lake Tahoe was good to us, and we will be back soon. Winters there are just as magical.


La la land.
I'm comin' for ya.
Bye bye California.
I am returning to my home away from home
for a much needed getaway.
Oahu, see you soon!



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